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Conductor Marin Alsop and the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra show the enormous multifaceted nature of Bernstein’s funny, parodic and also voluptuous music.

Gazeta Wyborcza

Review: “Black Mask” by Krzysztof Penderecki at NOSPR

[Marin Alsop’s] magnificent performance of “The Black Mask” was probably preceded by a meticulous analysis of the work. She conducted the opera with extraordinary clarity and awareness of the sonic effect that Penderecki enshrined in the masterful instrumentation of the work. She set in motion a purely sonic total theater, shocking especially in the last phase of the work, in which soloists, chorus and orchestra personify the crowd of Bolkow’s inhabitants, smothered with horror and premonition of death. Alsop heard echoes of Penderecki’s “St. Luke Passion” in this section of the piece. […] Her interpretation was masterful – characterized by her control of every chord, every sound sequence, and her ability to create heated emotions.

Los Angeles Times

Review: Marin Alsop is an admirable agent for change in the documentary ‘The Conductor’

In her years of cultural leadership, she’s been more than just an internationally renowned conduit for the intentions of history’s great composers and the sounds filling a concert hall. She’s also absorbed the hopes of young baton-holding aspirants and underserved musicians everywhere, nurturing their dreams and spreading them far and wide.


Christine Amanpour interviews Marin Alsop

The first woman to lead a major American orchestra Marin Alsop talks about her tough road to the top of classical music and the new documentary about her life “The Conductor.”

“If anyone has the courage and power to change the world through music, it’s Marin Alsop.”


“… a formidable musician and a powerful communicator, a conductor with a vision of what an American Orchestra could be in the 21st Century.”

New York Times

“Alsop has again packed the houses, and made her orchestra play like there was no tomorrow.”

The Times

“There is no doubt that Alsop has the goods: a compelling vision of how she wants a piece of music to sound and the ability to draw that sound from a group of players.”

Chicago Sun-Times

“With Alsop and the Baltimore players, the effect was one of total revelation.”

Washington Post