Working with Living Composers

Marin writes

As conductors, it’s critically important to always strive for a deep connection with the composers we are representing. 

The joy of discussing a piece with its creator is incomparable for me. I long to sit down with Brahms, Beethoven, Mahler, and so many others to hear about their motivations and inspirations.

Connecting and collaborating with living composers has given me enormous insight into the process and enhanced my already huge respect and admiration for all composers. 

Unearthing lost American voices, like the music of James P. Johnson, has also been an ongoing passion and being able to explore my love of jazz in the process has been a wonderful bonus.  Find out about String Fever.

Although I do not have any talent for composition, I have so enjoyed rethinking some of the great masterpieces, like Handel’s Messiah or my current project reimagining Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for the 21st century.

Being part of the creative process is a privilege and a revelation. Thanks to the many composers who have allowed me to program their music!

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