The Conductor Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival

On June 14, The Conductor, a new documentary highlighting Marin Alsop’s life and career, premieres at the renowned Tribeca Film Festival. Directed by Bernadette Wegenstein, and written by Wegenstein and Stefan Fauland, the film chronicles Marin’s journey from childhood to now, showcasing her extraordinary and groundbreaking artistic achievements.  

Wegenstein follows Marin to classical concerts around the world, telling her story through a combination of intimate interviews and shared moments in Marin’s professional and private life.

 The film features interviews with experts in the classical music world and unseen archival footage, as well as a glimpse into Marin’s current performance and mentorship activities.

The Conductor will be screened at the Festival on June 14 and 18, and online through the Festival on June 15.