&ldquoAs Alsop faced the cellos and drew from them the most tremendously shaped phrases with every inflection of her baton, you were aware of being in the presence of greatness.&rdquo
28th September 2014

Desert Island Discs Q&A

On Sunday 28 September 2014, Marin joined the esteemed line-up of guests to appear on BBC Radio 4′s Desert Island Discs program.

Here’s what Marin had to say about the experience.

Tell us about your experience on Desert Island Discs, it must have been quite fun talking about your favorite musical memories? 

I had heard such fabled things about Desert Island Discs, but was completely unprepared for the wonderful cocoon that I entered on the day of my interview.  Kirsty and her producers welcomed me like a long lost friend and made me feel enormously comfortable and cared for. They were genuinely interested in my story and I felt as though we had all the time in the world to chat and get to know each other. This is a program about life, captured in musical memories and moments. Music has this uncanny ability to transport us emotionally and immediately. And this team knows that power inside out!

You must have so many pieces of music that evoke memories to choose from?

This was a unique experience because I wasn’t asked to pick my favorite recordings, but rather to select music that has meant the most to me over my lifetime. So the experience was far more personal and intimate. 

Do you listen to much music in your spare time?

I am not an audiophile, but I do listen to music a lot of music as part of my studying and preparations. But listening just for fun is a challenge. 

Your parents must have been a big influence in what you listened to as a child?  

Almost everything I heard was live music except for the Frank Sinatra and Thelonius Monk albums that my father loved to play along with on his saxophone!

What was your favourite?

Those are definitely my favorites. I know all the words and chord changes!

What about your favourite book, was it hard narrowing it down?

It was really tricky because I have so many favorite books. But I decided to go with the collected writings of Carl Jung because, with those, I could delve more deeply into the Bible and Shakespeare rather than just re-read over and over again Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain!

How did you go about deciding your luxury item? Was this easy or hard?

The only real luxury item I’d want would be my family, but people aren’t permitted, so I decided to go with a pottery studio so that I could crate both art and practical necessities.  My mother was a wonderful potter and I miss her work.

To find out Marin’s complete list of musical choices click here.

To listen again to Marin on Desert Island Discs, download the podcast. The broadcast is repeated on Friday 3 October at 9am BST.