&ldquoAs Alsop faced the cellos and drew from them the most tremendously shaped phrases with every inflection of her baton, you were aware of being in the presence of greatness.&rdquo


Inspired by Venezuela’s El Sistema, OrchKids is a year-round during and after school music program designed to create social change and nurture promising futures for youth in Baltimore City neighbourhoods.

Under Marin Alsop’s artistic leadership and direction, OrchKids is the cornerstone of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s efforts to expand the Orchestra’s relevance within the broad and diverse Baltimore community. In collaboration with several community partners, including Baltimore City Public Schools, OrchKids provides music education, instruments, academic instruction, meals, as well as performance and mentorship opportunities at no cost.


In November 2013 OrchKids was selected as a recipient of the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program (NAHYP) Award at the White House. The Awards are the signature program of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities spearheaded by First Lady Michelle Obama and OrchKids were one of 12 recipients honored for generating positive youth outcomes.

For more information and a personal note from Marin, please visit the BSO website.

Rusty Musicians

Rusty Musicians is an outreach program of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, conceived by Marin Alsop in 2010 as a way “to attract new audiences through participatory opportunities for engagement as well as to enhance the BSO’s position as an educational and social community resource.”

The “rusties”, as successful applicants call themselves, are non-professional adult instrumentalists and vocalists whose career paths have taken them in directions other than that of a professional musician. For one brief and fleeting evening, participants become members of the BSO, perform alongside regular members of the world-class orchestra under the direction of Maestra Alsop, and refer to the experience as “breathtaking,” “spectacular” and “life-changing.”


For more information, please visit the BSO website.

Watch Marin Alsop talking about Rusty Musicians

Watch Marin perform with Rusty Musicians and the BSO

Taki Concordia Conducting Fellowship

The mission of the Taki Concordia Conducting Fellowship is to promote, present, and encourage talented women conductors at the beginning of their professional careers.

Founded by Marin Alsop in 2002, the Taki Concordia Conducting Fellowship (TCCF) is a unique opportunity for young women conductors to immerse themselves in the art and business of performing classical music under the leadership of Marin Alsop, the first female music director of a major American orchestra.

Talking about the Fellowship, Marin says:

“It is a privilege to be in a position to impact the lives of aspiring women conductors. I can clearly see what is needed to assist emerging conductors in the pursuit of their dreams and want to make the road easier and more rewarding for them. I have never ascribed to the philosophy that, ‘It was tough for me so it will be tough for you.’ My philosophy is: ‘It was tough for me so that I could make it easier for you.’ This is the philosophy of my non-musician mentor, Tomio Taki, who was compassionate and unwavering in his belief and support of my goals to become a conductor. Without Tomio, my path would have been far more difficult.”











For more information, please visit the Taki Concordia website.

Campos do Jordão Festival

As Chief Conductor of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop curates the Campos do Jordão International Winter Festival, a classical Festival in Latin America, which brings together students, tutors and renowned professionals in Campos do Jordão.

The government of São Paulo State has invested in the education of young musicians over the past 40 years, making the Festival’s aim to integrate its artistic and educational aspects possible. As well as performing in concerts throughout the town, tutors, students and professionals also perform with the renowned Festival Orchestra, OSESP, at Sala São Paulo under the baton of Marin Alsop. In addition to that, virtually all the main performers in the Festival give masterclasses, workshops and lectures to the fellows, as well as to members of the audience, who are given the opportunity to have a closer contact with the artists.

For more information, please visit the Campos do Jordão Festival website.

Watch Marin conducting OSESP at the 2012 Festival

Other projects

Cabrillo Festival

Marin Alsop’s special gift is understanding the power of the Cabrillo Festival’s purpose and place, and curating for everyone involved the experience of a lifetime.

The Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, even at a seasoned 50 years old itself, is all about the new—the here and now of contemporary works for orchestra. During the first two weeks of August each year, audiences are joined by both preeminent and emerging composers, an orchestra of dedicated professional musicians led by Marin Alsop, and renowned guest artists from across the globe to give voice to works which are rarely more than a year or two old, and sometimes still wet on the page. The opportunity for composers to work with Maestra Alsop and musicians skilled and enthusiastic about bringing these new works to life, in the beautiful coastal, college-town of Santa Cruz, California, makes this an artistic paradise.

For more information, please visit the Cabrillo Festival website.