&ldquoAs Alsop faced the cellos and drew from them the most tremendously shaped phrases with every inflection of her baton, you were aware of being in the presence of greatness.&rdquo
24th August 2014
Marin’s Brazilian Tour Blog

Sunday 24 August, 2014

Curitiba, Paraná

MA: Our Brazilian tour finished in Curiciba and, although we didn’t have much time there, it seemed like a lovely city. It was a fitting end to an excellent tour, performing our final concert in the “Audotorio Positivo”! The musicians went from strength to strength; the audiences were warm and enthusiastic; and the management arranged food at every turn!


A few weeks ago I was talking to my dear friend, Mary Whitaker – who was so brutally and senselessly murdered this week – about coming down to Sao Paulo to spend a few weeks doing bow rehair work. I was so looking forward to introducing her to the OSESP musicians and the wonderful Brazilian people and culture. She would have loved it. She was with me every minute….

Curitiba 2

Nossa Turnê Brasileira terminou em Curitiba e, embora não tivemos muito tempo aqui, parece uma cidade encantadora. Foi um final perfeito de uma excelente Turnê, apresentando nosso concerto final no Auditório Positivo.

 Os músicos vieram da resistência à força, as platéias foram calorosas e entusiasmadas; e a produção organizou refeições a cada momento!

Há algumas semanas, eu estava conversando com a minha querida amiga violinista Mary Whitaker – que foi brutalmente e negligentemente assassinada esta semana – sobre vir a São Paulo para passar algumas semanas. Eu estava tão ansiosa para apresentá-la aos músicos da Osesp e também aos brasileiros maravilhosos e sua cultura.  Ela teria amado isso. Ela estava comigo cada minuto…

Curitiba 2 






Photo credit: Yuri Tavares

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Saturday 23 August, 2014

Curitiba facts:

Curitiba is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. The city’s population numbered approximately 1,760,500 people as of 2010, making it the eighth most populous city in the country, and the largest in Brazil’s South Region.

Area: 331 km²

From the early 19th century it received many German, Italian, and Polish settlers, and immigration continued during the 20th century with the arrival of Syrians and Japanese, as well as a massive influx of internal migrants from rural areas.

Curitiba MAP









Friday 22 August, 2014

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

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MA: We had a VERY fast trip to Porto Allegre!  The hall is a beautiful, turn of the century, small jewel! The sound was lovely, but we couldn’t fit the whole orchestra on stage. Six cellos played the Tchaikovsky symphony, but sounded like 10 at least. Off to Curiciba for the last concert on our tour.

Nós tivemos uma viagem MUITO rápida para Porto Alegre! A sala de concertos é linda, uma obra de outro século, uma pequena jóia. O som estava encantador, mas não conseguimos encaixar toda a orquestra no palco. Seis violoncelos tocaram a Sinfonia de Tchaikovsky, mas soaram como se fossem no mínimo 10. Agora vamos à Curitiba para o último concerto da nossa Turnê.

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Photo credit: Yuri Tavares


Friday 22 August, 2014

Porto Alegre facts:

Porto Alegre is the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul and the biggest urban agglomeration of south Brazil.

Area: 331 km²

The perfect blend of Brazilian-Portuguese and River Plate-Spanish cultures, added to a strong European heritage gives the city a unique background within Brazil.

Porto Alegre MAP









Friday 22 August, 2014

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

BH 5On Thursday, Marin and OSESP travelled to Belo Horizonte for the third concert in their Brazilian tour. Whilst there, Marin received the devastating news of the death of her close family friend and String Fever collaborator, violinist Mary Whitaker. Despite dealing with such tragic news the concert that evening at the Palace of Arts still went ahead. After the concert Marin had this to say:

BH 3

MA: Yesterday was such a difficult day, flooded with so many memories and trying to grasp this new brutal reality.  Making music with OSESP here in Belo Horizonte was a refuge and comfort.

Another warm and enthusiastic audience and the orchestra continues to grow and impress. Well done, OSESP musicians!


Ontem foi um dia muito difícil, inundada com tantas lembranças e tentando compreender essa nova realidade brutal. Fazer música com a OSESP aqui em Belo Horizonte foi um refúgio e um conforto. Outra calorosa e entusiasmada platéia junto com a Orquestra que continua a crescer e impressionar! Muito bem, músicos da OSESP!

Photo credit: Yuri Tavares


Thursday 21 August, 2014

Belo Horizonte facts:

Belo Horizonte is the sixth largest city in Brazil, the thirteenth largest city in South America and the sixteenth largest city in the Americas.

Area: 331 km²

Stage for grand cultural spectacles, the city’s calendar is always replete with events, offering programming for all tastes. Its touristic diversity attracts people from Brazil and the world, enchanted with art, music, theater, dance and literature, making the city standout as contemporary and surprising.

Belo Horizonte MAP








Wednesday 20 August, 2014

Rio de Janeiro

Credit: Arthur Nestrovski

Credit: Arthur Nestrovski

MA: I didn’t have a lot of time in Rio this trip, but we had a great concert last night at the Cidade da Musica.  The audience turned out out for OSESP and was extremely enthusiastic. We played THREE encores: (a “frevo” by Edu Lobo, Dansa Brasiliero by Guarnieri and Brahms Hungarian Dance #2). Tours are incredible opportunities for an orchestra to expand its flexibility by having to adapt to new environments every day, and to grow as a unified ensemble; and that is exactly what OSESP is doing!

Eu não fiquei por muito tempo no Rio nesta viagem, mas nós fizemos um maravilhoso concerto na noite passada na Cidade da Música. A platéia vibrou com a OSESP e estava extremamente entusiasmada. Nós tocamos TRÊS bises: um “frevo” de Edu Lobo, Dansa Brasiliero de Guarnieri e Dança Húngara nº 2 de Brahms. Turnês são incríveis oportunidades para uma orquestra expandir sua flexibilidade tendo que se adaptar a novos ambientes todos os dias e crescer como um único conjunto; e isso é exatamente o que a OSESP está fazendo!

Credit: Yuri Tavares






Rio concert






Photo credit: Yuri Tavares


Tuesday 19 August, 2014

Rio de Janeiro facts:

Rio is the second largest city in Brazil and the state capital of Rio de Janeiro. It is the sixth largest city in the Americas and the world’s thirty-fifth largest city by population.

Area: 1,260 km²

The city is best known for its beaches, carnivals, football, music and its well preserved tropical forests. Commonly known just as Rio and once a Portuguese colony, it was also the capital of Brazil for nearly two centuries during the 1800s. Brasilia became the capital in 1960 when Brazil achieved independence.











Monday 18 August, 2014

MA: Today I stayed in Bahia to attend the dress rehearsal and concert of the NEOJIBA orchestra.  Under the direction of Ricardo Castro they have done amazing things. Many of these kids have been playing their instruments for only six years and yesterday I rehearsed Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances from West Side Story with them. And then they played Mahler 1. Incredibly inspiring!!! At the concert last night, the looks of pride and admiration from their parents and families brought tears to my eyes. This has been an inspiration for what could be possible in West Baltimore for our Orchkids program.

With kids from NEOJIBAHoje eu estava na Bahia para participar do ensaio geral e concerto da Orquestra NEOJIBA. Sob a direção de Ricardo Castro eles tem feito coisas maravilhosas. Muitas dessas crianças vêm tocando seus instrumentos por apenas seis anos e ontem eu ensaiei Danças Sinfônicas de Berstein de West Side Story com eles. E eles também tocaram Mahler! Incrivelmente inspirador!!! No concerto, noite passada, os olhares de orgulho e admiração dos seus pais e familiares trouxeram lágrimas aos meus olhos. Isto tem sido a inspiração para o que pode ser possível em Baltimore para nosso programa OrchKids.






Photo credit: NEOJIBA


Sunday 17 August, 2014

Credit: Yuri Tavares





Photo credit: Yuri Tavares

MA: We had a great opening concert here in Salvador. I’ll stay here tomorrow to work with the young musicians of NEOJIBA: Ricardo Castro’s amazing youth orchestra program.  I flew up here last year to see Ricardo in action and was astonished by his work and the accomplishments of the kids. I’m looking forward to hearing them tomorrow. Then off to Rio on Tuesday for another concert with OSESP.

Nós tivemos uma maravilhosa abertura aqui em Salvador. Eu ficarei aqui amanhã para trabalhar com os jovens músicos da Neojibá: um maravilhoso programa da orquestra juvenil de Ricardo Castro. Eu voei para cá no último ano para ver Ricardo em ação e eu fiquei surpresa com o seu trabalho e com o talento das crianças. Estou ansiosa para ouví-los amanhã. Em seguida, vamos ao Rio na terça feira para outro concerto com a OSESP.

With Marcelo Lopes, OSESP Executive Director, Carlos Prazeres, conductor of Orquestra Sinfonica de Bahia and Yuri Azevedo, conductor with Neojiba and former student.

With Marcelo Lopes, OSESP Executive Director, Carlos Prazeres, conductor of Orquestra Sinfonica de Bahia and Yuri Azevedo, conductor with NEOJIBA and former student.

musicians from NEOJIBA

With musicians from NEOJIBA.










Photo credit: Maylime Monteiro


Saturday 16 August, 2014

Salvador Facts:

Salvador is the largest city and the third-largest urban agglomeration on the northeast coast of Brazil, and the capital of the Northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia.

Area: 706 km²

With a charming Old Town that is a World Heritage Site, a vibrant musical scene and popular Carnival celebrations, it is considered one of the birthplaces of Brazilian culture.

Salvador MAP 








Friday 15 August, 2014

Salvador, Bahia

MA: I’m really looking forward to our first Brazilian tour together! The first stop will be Salvador in the state of Bahia.  I’ve been to Salvador once before to hear and see Ricardo Castro’s amazing educational program “NEOJIBA” in action. I remember the beautiful landscape and the stunning views of the sea, but I was mostly blown away by the young musicians of the orchestra program. I’m hoping that some of them will be attending our concert.

Salvador coastSince Brazil is so large and our tour takes us to distant cities, I had to pack two travel cases with conducting suits, shoes and, of course, batons! (I will carry my music with me!) The equipment travels via truck and cannot cover the distance in time to make each concert, hence the double duty!

When we were in Europe last time, our schedule was so hectic that I once had to forego an encore so the truck could make the last ferry! Let’s see what happens this time….

I’ve also been warned about the spicy food in Bahia!

Eu estou realmente ansiosa para a nossa primeira Turnê Brasileira juntos! A primeira parada será em Salvador, no estado da Bahia. Eu já estive lá uma vez, antes de ouvir e ver o maravilhoso programa educacional NEOJIBÁ, de Ricardo Castro em ação. Eu me lembro da maravilhosa paisagem e a brilhante vista do mar, mas eu estava principalmente encantada pelos jovens músicos dessa Orquestra. Estou esperando que alguns deles possam comparecer ao nosso concerto.

Em função do Brasil ser tão grande e a nossa turnê nos levar a cidades distantes, eu tive que organizar dois cases de viagens com roupas de concerto, sapatos e, claro, batutas! (Eu irei carregar as partituras comigo!) Os equipamentos viajam via caminhão e não conseguem cobrir as distâncias em tempo de fazer cada concerto, daí a necessidade de cases duplos!

Quando nós estivemos na Europa da última vez, nossa agenda estava tão complicada que uma vez tive que renunciar um bis para que o caminhão pudesse fazer a última viagem. Vamos ver o que acontece dessa vez…

Eu também estou atenta quanto à comida apimentada aqui na Bahia!


In August 2014 the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra celebrated their 60th anniversary. To mark this occasion Marin and OSESP are embarking on a tour of five state capitals of Brazil from the 17 – 23 August. The repertoire for this tour includes Grieg’s Piano Concerto, performed by the young Russian pianist Dmitry Mayboroda, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 and to add some authentic  flavour, “Alvorada” (“Dawn”) from the opera “Lo Schiavo” by Brazilian composer Carlos Gomes.

politcal-map-of-brazilThe tour begins in Salvador at the Castro Alves Theater on Sunday 17 August and from there travels to Rio de Janeiro Janeiro (City of Arts, 19/08), Belo Horizonte (Palace of Arts, 21/08), Porto Alegre (Theatro São Pedro, 22/08) and Curitiba (Theatre Plus, 23/08).

Marin will be writing a tour blog so keep following for updates and photos from the tour as it goes along!